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In the first article we presented a some theories about the ClassDefinition object and were able to show the libraries of a PB application in a treeview control. This month we'll read the objects from the libraries and inspect their content. When a user expands an entry in the treeview, we check to see if it was expanded once already. If it was, we don't take any action. We code this in the itemexpanding event of the treeview control, where we get the clicked treeviewitem by calling This.GetItem. If it wasn't expanded already, we check to see if the level of the treeviewitem is equal to two, which means we're expanding a library name. We could create an NVO to include all the logic for parsing, but for demonstration purposes, I want to keep things simple. We define all the functions we need on the window itself, but use arguments to refer to the controls. This wil... (more)

PowerBuilder .NET Web Services with Various Front Ends

Last year I wrote an article in PBDJ describing an ASP.NET project that was done with DataWindow.NET in the browser ("Prognos" Volume 14, Issue 4) and PowerBuilder Web Services in the back end. The front end consisted of an intro page, two data entry pages, and one page with the result. The front end was rewritten in a couple of other technologies to test different ways to create browser-based applications. This article covers solutions that run in different browsers and on different operation systems. I will also look at PowerBuilder 11.2 Webform although it is IE-only. At the ... (more)

The New Generation of Decompilers

The latest development technologies rely on intermediate languages and can be decompiled. PowerBuilder is no exception. In this article, we will address the risks posed by decompilers. We will also discuss what can be done to protect against the possible negative results of decompilation - whether you create in-house applications, commercial applications, or are using these applications for your business. A PowerBuilder Decompiler? A decompiler is a program that reads executable code and decompiles it, providing access to source code. It has nothing to do with viruses or other f... (more)

Neue Version CATsoft Remember The Milk Google Desktop Gadget

Wir haben heute die neuste Version 2.8 des Google Desktop Gadgets für Remember The Milk bereit gestellt. Neu kann die Zeit, zu der ein Eintrag fällig ist, ausgeblendet werden. Im weiteren wurden noch kleine Fehler behoben.  Aktuell hat das Gadget knapp 35'000 Downloads. Today we released the latest version 2.8 of the Google Desktop Gadget for the Remember The Milk service. Showing the due time is now optional. Some minor bugs where fixed as well.  The Gadget was downloaded about 35'000 times. Project Home Page on Google Code ... (more)

Nächstes SPBUG Meeting am 19 November

Am nächsten Meeting Sybase and PowerBuilder User Group gibt John Strano ein Hand-on PowerBuilder 12 workshop. Im weitern wird Gian Luca De Bonis, Entwickler der Enable Produkte und PB Protect, präsentieren. Der Abschluss bildet die jährliche GV. ... (more)